My brother came in town this past weekend for his birthday (we are exactly 6 years and 51 weeks apart). We took him (much to his resistance) to the new roller rink in Mansfield. We had a lot of fun despite using muscles we hadn't used since jr high and the fact that the place had a "space theme" and no hardwood floors. Just a multipurpose floor. It was cute to see the 7 year olds breaking it down to Ludacris (over and over and over) in the middle of the floor. And I mean working it. I got some skates for my birthday, they should be here anyday. I lived on my skates until high school. Then I guess it wasn't cool anymore. But hey, I am back. I look forward to making the dog pull me up the hills in the neighborhood.


This has been 3 weeks in the making and I have spent those weeks pacing and gulping Mylanta, but it was all worth it!

Yesterday, I had a meeting with our district manager and the manager of our internet store and they offered me the most amazing position that seems tailor made for me!

I am now the

internet merchandiser (checking to make sure the inventory is on the site; basically going through every page to check for any problems),

the "art director" for the photographers, making sure they are keeping the shots consistent and that the lighting is flattering and balanced. (photo degree you are handy now)

in charge of models: scouting, scheduling, dressing, and styling them for shoots.

competition detective: I will be surfing our competitors sites and seeing what they have on their sites and making sure that we are offering similar or better deals.

i KNOW there is other stuff, i just can't think of what it is right now. i am so excited!

i get a desk, i get to work a normal work week, and i can finally afford putting the kiddo in childcare with out my whole check going towards it.




I am seriously starting to wonder if I should have joined myspace because there are a ton of pervs out there and I apparently have a tattoo on my forehead that says

"I love pervs, please give me your cell number and a gross photo of yourself sitting in front of your computer with your shirt off"




We are back from the great big comic con in San Diego and I am thoroughly satisfied. I got to see THE JOSS two days in a row. The first day was at the Eisner Awards for excellence in comics where he was a presenter and his book Astonishing X-Men was up for nomination. The second day he was accompanied by a few friends...

Nathan Fillion
Gina Torres
Adam Baldwin
Ron Glass
Jewel Staite
Morena Baccarin
Sean Maher
Summer Glau

They did a Serenity panel and showed a long scene from the movie with added special effects that were not in the preview screening. People got to ask them questions and everyone was so great. It was sad because one of the key members was not there. Alan Tudyk was doing Spamalot, so he couldn't attend.

Nothing else to report from me, that was the highlight of my trip and I'm so glad to be home now.